Courage is taking that first step.  Whether it's going to a counselor for the first time, starting a new school or changing jobs, It is natural to  feel anxious anytime we try something new or different.  This is a normal response to the unknown. However, in order to learn and grow in new ways we have to step outside of our comfort zone.  This may create unease at first, but in time we will settle into this new space as it becomes more familiar.  

John Wayne said, "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."  In other words, courage is facing our fear and not letting it have power over us.  For some, facing fear can create such anxiety that we become argumentative, combative, avoidant, shut-down or panicky.  This is when fear is getting the best of us.  There are skills that we can learn to manage such anxiety, such as mindfulness, positive self-talk, and other coping skills.  In practicing and using these skills, we become equipped to face our fear and manage the anxiety that arises.  Often it is in the doing and getting through it, that we gain confidence.  We  learn that whatever we were afraid of was not as scary or as bad as we made it out to be in our mind.

Courage grows with us.  As we face our fears, we grow more courageous to try even more things or to face the next new or different situation. All it takes is that first step, a deep breath, telling ourselves, "I can do this," and a little bit of courage....